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The Recovery Call

About Us

Ever since the age of twelve Ryan discovered his passion for film-making. After creating movie sets in his parents basement, him and a bunch of high school friends would get together and do what they loved- make movies. This carried all the way till graduation and continued straight into college. After graduating Hofstra University and directing his first award winning narrative film “Repentance” he started working at Comedy Central in New York City, then worked as a camera operator for the Discovery ID Show, “The Perfect Murder”. After investing in the Red Epic Dragon, Ryan continues to create films along with shooting commercials/promos and real estate content. Never forgetting where the passion for filmmaking started, he’s named “Underworld Productions” in memory of the his own “underworld” where it all began, in his parents basement.

Set Design

Bring your production vision to life with a unique set design customized for you.